We propose to establish a Living Medicine Centre with a great new World Kitchen & Herb Garden in central London, illustrated above (click on the picture). The Centre will:

• inspire and educate people about the health benefits of herbs and food in an
organic garden
• encourage intercultural exchange in the world’s traditions of herbal medicine and healing foods
• offer visitors practical knowledge in using food and herbs to improve their everyday health
• demonstrate a model of healthy living that gives pleasure and is sustainable, natural and inexpensive
• show the potential for integrating orthodox and complementary medicine.

The Living Medicine Centre will complement the traditional botanic gardens like Kew and Chelsea Physic by teaching us how to use herbs and food for our health.
Sketch above by Richard Carman from an original by Carolyn Steel, architect & author of 'Hungry City'.
Broom, a symbol of
romantic love in medieval poetry, is a heart remedy and diuretic. Its alkaloid
sparteine reduces the
heart rate.
Hyssop is used in European and Arabic medicine. Its antiseptic essential oil clears catarrh and relaxes spasm in the lungs and gut. A delicious scented cordial
of elderflowers keeps flu, viruses and fevers at bay. Elder is richly therapeutic, its berries used in Egyptian medicine.